• Clear Hardcoats - Clearlite
  • Anti-glare/Anti-reflective - Filtalite Excel - Low, Standard, High gloss levels
  • Decorative - Frostlite - Silk

Clearlite - an abrasion resistant optically clear hardcoat with a hard wearing surface to protect against today's environment. Suitable for applying to acrylic, polycarbonate and PETG.  End uses include safety and security screening, signs, instrument displays, windshields, glazing etc.

Benefits of using Clearlite include:

  • Abrasion and chemical resistant.
  • Easier to clean and handle.
  • Reduces reject rate through handling.
  • Extends life of material.
  • Protects against graffiti.
  • Anti-Newton Ring.
  • Reduces build up of dirt and grime.

Filtalite - This coating is both chemical and abrasion resistant and has the additional benefit of an anti-glare surface to reduce reflection.

This product is available in three ranges:

Filtalite High Gloss - for use where light reflection is minimal.  With outstanding optical qualities but still able to reduce reflection problems, this coating is an ideal filter for instruments, windows, LCD displays and monitors.

Filtalite Standard - this has similar usage to the high gloss, the main difference is that this coating eliminates even more reflection without sacrificing clarity.

Filtalite Low Gloss - an excellent coating for signs and information displays in areas which are subject to a considerable amount of light reflection such as rail/air terminals, retail and LCD displays.  For exterior and interior use.

Applications include rail, airport and transport signs where light reflection is a problem.  We offer three grades of our Filtalite product - low, standard and high, depending on the level of anti-glare that is required.

Frostlite - a decorative frosted/shotblasted finish ideal for the retail industry and exhibition stands including display counters, shelving, wall coverings, backlight effects and back production screens.  This coating is scuff resistant thus making fingerprints easy to remove.

Silk - a decorative coating with a silk effect finish suitable for tinted acrylic and polycarbonate.