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MP100 Diaphragm Pump

The compressed air-driven Krautzberger diaphragm pumps are specifically tailored to requirements in the field of spraying technology. The compact and sturdy design permits universal use, and the large valve cross sections also allow use with highly viscous media.

A mounted pressure equalisation container ensures smooth and low-pulsation operation. A material pressure regulator installed downstream (a suitable material filter is also recommended) permits precision setting of extremely small pressures.

The technical data are based on an air inlet pressure of 8 bar. The pumps of course also function perfectly at low pressures.

Krautzberger diaphragm pumps are also used where piston or centrifugal pumps are unsuitable - for example, for the pumping of dyes, paints, glues, dispersions, solvents, oils, glazing agents, enamels, wood preservatives, petroleum products, chocolate, sugar syrup, jam, ketchup etc.

The pump body is made of aluminium with hard-coated surface as standard. This makes the pump extremely hardwearing as well as resistant to media with a pH of between 3.0 and 8.0. The pumps are also suitable for use in the food industry.